Forum to discuss local health issues


FARMINGTON – The Healthy Community Coalition will launch Community Health Visioning with a Community Health Forum from 4 to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 7, in the Bass Room at Franklin Memorial Hospital.

This year’s visioning began with the collection of “50 Stories in 50 Days.” The project brought together health leaders and service providers to discuss issues critical to consumers of local health and social service agency programs.

“50 Stories in 50 Day” also gave community members the opportunity to share their experiences and be heard. A similar effort was completed in the community a number of years ago with success. It is sponsored by the Health Leaders Forum, a coalition of health and social service agencies in Greater Franklin County, and is administered by HCC.

As part of the project, health leaders and community members visited homes across the region and listened to families share experiences and concerns regarding their health and well being. The stories were brought back and reviewed to identify the most prevalent issues in the community. Participants will remain anonymous, but the information shared through the stories is being compiled into a booklet that will be distributed.

The issues will be incorporated into HCC’s biennial Community Health Visioning process, which is conducted every two years. The process engages the community in talking about issues impacting health as well as the resources available to address concerns and opportunities.

The public is invited on June 7 to hear from community members who have been interviewed, to have health leaders share their experience with the project and to discuss the most common challenges and opportunities facing communities today. Refreshments and child care will be provided.