Four indicted in Phillips metal theft case


FARMINGTON — Four people accused of stealing metal from an abandoned concrete plant in November 2012 in Phillips were indicted by a Franklin County grand jury Wednesday on burglary and theft charges.

Shawn Michaud, 33, of Augusta, Robert E. Arris, 34, of Chelsea, Angelique Henderson, 34, of West Paris, and Jennifer Tripp, 38, of Readfield were each indicted one count of felony burglary and theft.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Brann stopped a pickup truck with a trailer after he noticed a defect and the vehicle and trailer extremely overloaded with scrap metal, Deputy Nate Reid said in November.

Brann asked the driver and three passengers where the metal came from and was told it was from a man in Phillips, Reid said. Brann was pretty sure the metal came from the abandoned USA Concrete Plant on Route 4 in Phillips, Reid said. He had the vehicle towed to Bryan’s Auto Body in New Vineyard and the driver and three passengers found a way home, Reid said.

Brann also took photos of the metal and filed a police report at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies saw the report the next day and Reid, Sgt. Steve Lowell and Detective David St. Laurent went to the abandoned concrete plant. They determined the metal had come from there, Reid had said.

Radiators were removed from trucks. The sluices that concrete was poured from were taken off trucks and batteries removed, he said. Other miscellaneous metal was taken from the yard, Reid said.

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