Four of nine charged for rescues at Sugarloaf pay up


CARRABASSETT VALLEY – Four of nine lost snowboarders rescued after leaving ski resort boundaries atop Sugarloaf Mountain have made payment for their rescues, the town’s police chief said Friday.

Two rescues within one weekend in an area known as the “Backside Snowfields” at Sugarloaf involved five snowboarders on Friday night, Feb. 26, followed by another rescue of four snowboarders over the evening of Sunday, Feb. 28 into the morning of Monday, March 1.

The five snowboarders lost on Friday night were billed $460 a piece for the five hour rescue, Carrabassett Valley Police Chief Scott Nichols said.

Nichols is also Sugarloaf’s security director. Four from that incident have paid.

The second rescue involved four snowboarders who had to hunker down and spend the night on the mountain as five inches of snow fell and winds reached 30 to 40 mph and temperatures dipped to the low 20s.

The overnight rescue effort took more manpower and hours than the first rescue raising the bill significantly, Nichols said.

Each of the four lost overnight were billed $2,000, he said.

The remaining five who have not paid are banned from Sugarloaf until they do pay, Nichols said.

Nichols who caculated the costs said the payments would be evenly split between the resort and the Carrabassett Valley Fire Department.

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