A. Fox: A heartfelt thank you


I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thank everyone who participated in the appreciation dinner put on at North Waterford recently.

I am a quiet sort of guy who just likes a handshake and a “thank you” for my volunteering efforts. I never expected such a large turnout and the overwhelming support along my road to recovery. On May 14, I fell from a ladder, suffering a concussion, 14 broken ribs, broken sternum and three fractured vertebrae in my back.

It has been a long two and one-half months of recovery, with 80 percent of my time reclined or in bed and that brace I have to wear is not the most comfortable piece of apparel in my wardrobe.

I hope to shed the brace in a couple of weeks and get a lot more of my strength back with daily exercise (without the brace, exercise would be a lot more tolerable).

Thank you to all the businesses, organizations, friends and relatives who worked hard to make it all possible. Your generosity just leaves me speechless.

Thanks again.

Al Fox, Stoneham