Franklin County probate registrar to get new computer


FARMINGTON –—The Franklin County register of probate will get a new computer.

Hers is dying.

“I have been having major problems with my computer,” Joyce Morton told commissioners.

She had hoped the computer would last until the new budget goes into effect July 1. She didn’t include a new computer in the current budget.

“Every day it freezes up on me,” she said.

The computer was bought in 2007.

The cost for a new Dell bought under a contract the county has with Somerset County is $1,200 plus, she said.

Morton said she is hoping to have the money in her budget when the accounts are finalized at the end of the fiscal year.

Franklin County commissioners voted to authorize Morton to take the money from her budget and not exceed $1,300 for the computer.

In other business, commissioners also approved paying $3,041.50 for a medical bill in connection with the jail.

Commissioners also voted to deny three appeals of tax abatement for residents of New Vineyard on the basis they did not prove they were treated any differently than other property owners.

The town recently underwent a revaluation.

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