Free classes: 7 Ways to help your garden grow this spring


1) Outdoor Gardening with Annuals and Perennials: Review classic outdoor plants and discover new varieties.

April 10 — All Locations at 10 AM & 2 PM

2) The Pursuit of the Rose:

Techniques for nurturing tender petals, bright colors and beautiful fragrance.

April 17 — All Locations at 10 AM

3) Beyond the Bloom!


Learn how to utilize the texture, color and interest of foliage (and bark!) to create interest before the bloom.

April 17 — All Locations at 2 PM

4) Container Gardening:

Gardening in containers provides a creative use of limited space. Skillins will show you how to grow season long flowers in creative ways.

April 24 — All Locations at 10 AM

5) Container Edibles:

A new class! Methods for growing your own food naturally and conveniently. Learn new tricks with some old, reliable vegetables and herbs that can be grown indoors and out.

April 24 & 25 – All Locations at 2 PM each day

6) Vegetable Gardening:

Safe and smart ways to grow your own food.

May 1 — All Locations at 10 AM

7) Vine Time:

Techniques for growing a variety of vines including: Kiwi, Honeysuckle, Clematis and Dutchman’s Pipe.

May 1 — All Locations at 2 PM

Learn from the professionals at Skillins Greenhouses. Classes are free and are held in Brunswick, Falmouth & Cumberland. Readers can register by e-mailing [email protected]