G. DeMoras: Take reasonable precautions


This is in response to the Associated Press story that appeared in the Sun Journal Jan. 5 about proposed food safety rules.

Food poisoning is not just the fault of growers or packaging companies. Unsanitary conditions, at home or on the job (not cleaning equipment properly), can bring on ailments that can kill. How many people use the same dish towel to wipe hands and table as well as the dishes?

Stuff in the kitchen should be cleaned daily and, once a month, do like a spring cleaning of everything. You might be surprised how much mold or mildew can accumulate in water containers, water coolers, coffee machines, drains, plus kitchen fans, overhead fans and in the shower stall.

I re-wrap all meat from the supermarket in meal-size portions to get the meat away from the blood-soaked containers. That minimizes the chance for food poisoning.

Everyone should learn how to be a homemaker, to cook, and know how to keep things sanitized. Also, important to learn are parenting skills so people are ready to face life, not just sit around and expect government aid.

Gabrielle DeMoras, Lewiston