G. Durgin: Will stand up for working people


I am a former Marine, retired from BIW, who believes in God and country. I am backing Eric Brakey for the Maine Senate in Mechanic Falls, Auburn, Minot, Poland and New Gloucester.

Brakey is young, intelligent and he stands for the working people of this state who don’t want to see their tax dollars wasted on welfare abuse anymore.

His opponent, John Cleveland, has been a career politician for 40 years. He voted to increase taxes and to stop welfare reform. Cleveland voted against penalties for abusers who spend welfare on alcohol and cigarettes, and voted to allow welfare dollars to be spent at Disney World and Las Vegas. He is not doing a good job. Cleveland is part of the problem.

My vote is for Eric Brakey. He will stand up for working people.

Gary Durgin, Mechanic Falls