G. Goodrow: He has a plan


I watched the debate Oct. 15 between the three candidates for governor. I hope all Mainers are as tired of cookie cutter politicians as I am.

Paul LePage and Mike Michaud spent the majority of the debate trying to lay blame on each other or to point out each other’s flaws.

If either of those two candidates did speak about important Maine issues, I caught myself laughing at the typical politicians’ answers —  blah, blah, blah. Neither one said how they would fix Maine’s issues. The “how” should be important to all voters.

Eliot Cutler does have a plan. People can read his plans for Maine online. With no PAC money from special interest groups, Cutler will work for the people.

People can make their votes count for good change in Maine and take the state back from big money politicians. They just need to choose for themselves, not party lines.

Grace Goodrow, Dixfield