G. Pare: Garbage on television


A while ago, I read a letter in Sun Spots from a person complaining about the loose morals shown on television these days. She cited the show “Survivor” as an example of the immorality shown on television, as it teaches that greed and backstabbing are all right.

I fully agree with that writer. I suppose that she has not watched a show about an old bearded guy living in the woods as a hermit. The show is called “Legend of Mick Dodge.”

In a recent episode, the old guy was telling a friend of his that urine was a great medicine. He then proceeded to urinate in a glass and then drank his own urine.

What kind of insane mentality is that to show on television? What about any children who might be watching that? Would they think that is normal?

To think we have to pay to watch garbage like that.

Gerald Pare, Poland