G. Roberts: Game warden should be ashamed


Maine Game Warden Rick LaFlamme should be ashamed of his part in the bear-baiting question ads on television.

I believe that if the bear in Portland — featured in the ad — hadn’t been chased up a tree by dogs or humans he would have returned to his natural habitat. Normally, bears stay in the woods, finding berries, grubs and a natural diet. Then again, the bear might have been looking for human food, like what is found with bear baiting.

Furthermore, it is hard to believe that the bear had to be destroyed, what with all the means available to tranquilize and remove.

To use game wardens, paid for by my tax dollars , to promote a program for the rich trophy hunter or those too lazy to hunt is a disgrace and should make the citizens of Maine disgusted.

I hope the ads backfire.

I sure have lost respect for the Warden Service.

Gail Roberts, Turner