G. Stanley: Anti-business ordinance


The anti-business ordinance enacted by Greene selectmen put me and several others along Route 202 out of business overnight. That law was never opened to public debate, but railroaded through in the dead of the night. Item 57 on the town warrant was not questioned by even one of the five present, nor was there a whisper of opposition.

Not a nice thing to do, given the economy, as there are only a handful of businesses in town anyway.

What was their reasoning behind it?

One of the so-called flea markets had been operating for 40 years. The small shops selling all manner of stuff — new, used, old merchandise — dot the Maine landscape. They are reasons tourists return yearly to browse and shop.

Sounds pretty innocuous to me.

The ordinance was borrowed verbatim from York’s version, where excessive yard/flea markets pose a problem with traffic on popular Route 1 in season.

Greene isn’t York, and the traffic includes few tourists; mostly hockey moms and local workers.

The law, however well-intentioned, is (as some put it) crazy, ridiculous and unnecessary. It is just to put me and others out of business and smacks of abuse of power by five selectmen. Very few people know the draconian law passed. Its strict requirements are impossible to meet. It is an example of the antagonistic, duplicitous, hypocritical actions of selectmen to my many attempts to conform to ever-changing, dictatorial demands.

During town meeting on March 5, Greene residents will have a chance to rescind the ordinance.

George Stanley, Greene