Get involved with the schools


In response to Aimee Maheux’s letter of May 24, the wonderful turnout at the Montello School ice cream social/book fair on May 19 means success. The Parent, Teacher and Friend Club works hard to offer programs that will bring the students and their families together to build a sense of community and provide our students an opportunity to learn from and share with each other in a relaxed environment.

The record attendance was a welcome surprise and kept the P.T.F.C. members busy, gladly handing out ice cream. It was also exciting to see the large number of students going home thrilled with their newly purchased books.

I would encourage all parents to get involved with their school’s parent volunteer organization and help make a positive difference in the lives of all the students. Getting involved is easy — check with a school office — and only takes a few hours of time during the school year.

I am hoping that Maheux will bring her passion and energy to our group. Working together we can all make a difference.

Mark Jumper, Lewiston

President, Montello School P.T.F.C