Get lobbyists out of government


The Center for Public Integrity says there are 4, 525 registered lobbyists (eight lobbyists per member) influencing congressional votes. Big insurance and drug companies contribute to skyrocketing health care costs for employers and individuals. They regularly deny coverage to sick people and deny claims for insured people to further increase profits. They demand unfair rate increases and overpay their executives. They charge less for drugs in other countries. They spend a fortune on lobbyists who help further increase profits by influencing legislation.

We don’t elect health care lobbyists. Why do we let them run our government?

The politicians most opposed to reform get large campaign contributions from the drug and insurance companies. Why are they allowed to take money from health care companies and then vote on health care reform? This seems an obvious conflict of interest.

We need health care reform. We also need to find a way to prevent senators and representatives from voting on issues when they have a clear conflict of interest.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester