Get positive results this year


Most of us break our New Year resolutions in the first week of the year and forget about them by the end of January.

But if you are interested in turning your resolutions into results, here are some tips.

• Choose a result that you must have. Do not choose something that you would like to have or that it would be nice to have. Choose result that you must have, not matter what.

• State your result in the positive. Don’t say you are going to quit eating fast food. Do say that you are going to do the necessary things to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle.

• Write it down. No, don’t tell me you will remember it and keep it in your mind. Write it down. It is important to put the result you want in writing for at least two good reasons:

There is power in the written word and the weakest ink is still better than the strongest memory.

Write down the result you want.

• Tell someone the result for which you are aiming. As a matter of fact, tell many people. Telling others your intended results can help to keep you accountable to both yourself and someone else. One reason I tell my clients and students my goals for the new year is that once I put them out there I would be embarrassed not to achieve what I said I was going to achieve.

• Put a DENT in the results you want. DENT stands for Do Every Necessary Thing to get the results you desire. Don’t just do some of them. Don’t just do even most of them. Do every necessary thing, do all the necessary things to achieve the result you desire. When you do certain things, you will get the result you want. Doing is usually not the tough part. Get started is the tough part.

• Track your results. That which you measure has a much better chance of improving. That which you measure and report on has an even greater chance of improving. When you track your results, you can also notice what is working and what is not. Now this next tip sounds so simple yet few people use it: Stop doing what is not working and do more of what is working.

• Last, and definitely not least, is to celebrate your results. Don’t just wait until you get the big result you want to celebrate. Celebrate small the small victories along the way and celebrate large when you achieve your desired result(s).

When you do these things, you will turn your resolutions into results you can celebrate and enjoy.

Jeff Herring, MS, LMFT, is a marriage and family therapist. E-mail him at [email protected] or, for more tips and tools for living, you can visit