Get rid of NAFTA


I believe it was President Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA into law. The U.S. government, be it Bush, Clinton, Obama and all the congressmen and congresswomen, will not acknowledge that when NAFTA was signed, the jobs started leaving this country.

Now the U.S. Supreme Court has said a corporation is a person with all the rights of a single person. Well, does a corporation vote? No. Does it live in this country? Probably not.

The government cries about not having enough jobs in the U.S. for its own people. But who does the government listen to, the voting people or the people now called corporate citizens? After all, we know who donates more through lobbyists.

Another bad thing about having factories in other countries is that country gets information about U.S. technology. If factories move back to this country, the technology will remain in those countries and compete against us.

This government is good at tossing money around but we all know what is really needed: Get rid of NAFTA, and install tariffs on goods coming into this country, or tax those corporate citizens who have factories outside the U.S. a lot more.

Robert Soucy, Lewiston