Get rid of no-talents on Idol


I enjoy the talent on American Idol, but the “judges” either need to be eliminated or changed.

Randy Jackson’s three phrase vocabulary of “yo, yo, yo, “check it out” and “hey dog” has become so grating that I mute the sound. His rudeness of interrupting the audience’s applause turns my stomach. His antics have become “pitchy.”

Paul Abdul, she still thinks she is 21 and she would think that my singing was good! It is hard to value her opinion, but is is much more valid than the two stiffs on either side of her.

Simon Cowell, “Mr Abrasive,” should start his own t-shirt line of clothing.

Only Paula, who was a performer, has the credentials of being a performer in order to critique the singers. The other two have as much validity as me offering ballet lessons.

Why they make these performers sing songs out of their genre is beyond me. Versatility? Baloney!

Here’s a new twist to the show: Bring back the 10 finalists as judges and let the three judges perform. The music they will have to perform is from Bob Dylan, Sting, Pavarotti, Peter, Paul & Mary and Alice Cooper. Wouldn’t this be fun to watch?

Does anyone care about what the judges say or is the confrontations, repetitiveness and the “constructive criticism,” suppose to be entertaining?

We like who we like. Either because of their singing, looks or personality. Fox should save itself some money and get rid of those three magpies.

George Ferguson, Sabattus