A. Giberti: Save us from a tyrant


I cannot believe what is going on in Augusta. After Gov. Paul LePage asked for $221 million in cuts to MaineCare, the bipartisan Appropriations Committee came up with what they believed to be a good compromise, and before it was even complete, LePage appeared on television talking against the Democrats and the Republicans who are part of the committee. He even threatened to veto the bill before it is complete.

What is the value of human life and quality of life? It appears that the answer to that question is not very much in the eyes of the governor.

Maine voters, regardless of the party, should encourage legislators to pass the bipartisan bill and to remain in touch to override the proposed veto.

It is time for the Legislature to save Maine people from a tyrant.

It seems clear to me that Gov. LePage does not care about the citizens. He wants everything done his way or not at all.

Why doesn’t he start by closing the Blaine House? Let’s see him suffer a little.

Angelo Giberti, Lewiston