Gift wrap tricks to save time


Holiday shopping may be done, but that enormous pile of presents still needs to be wrapped. People have varying degrees of ability with regard to wrapping gifts. Some excel at those creased corners and perfect bows, while others are less adept at wrapping.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks of the trade wrappers can lean on to make the process of wrapping gifts go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

  • Stock up on double-sided tape. Wrapping with double-sided tape helps you avoid unsightly tape lines and creates a neat finished product.
  • Use a toilet paper tube to preserve wrapping paper rolls and keep them from unravelling. Simply cut the tube lengthwise and snap it over the open roll of paper to serve as a handy clip to keep the paper tidy.
  • When you lose the edge of the tape on a roll, it can take precious time trying to find it again and then lift a piece of tape off the roll. Use a plastic bread clip to hold the place of the edge of the tape to prevent this from happening.
  • Turn snack containers into handy gift wrap options. Empty potato chip cannisters can be wrapped and used to hold other food gifts or smaller stocking stuffers. Turn a foil-lined chip or popcorn bag inside out, first cleaning away any grease and crumbs, and use the bag to wrap a gift and tie off the end with a decorative ribbon.
  • Wooden spoons or popsicle sticks can make clever gift tags. Poke a hole in the end and tie onto your gift.
  • Use a piece of fabric to wrap a present if you’re not too skilled with traditional paper. Fabric can be reused and is more durable, and you won’t run the risk of tearing an edge or poking a hole through it. This can be especially useful for oddly shaped gifts.
  • Newsprint tied with natural cord and some pine boughs is an inexpensive, classic-looking gift wrap.
  • Kraft butcher paper or brown mailing paper can be used in a pinch. Stamp images on the paper to customize the gift wrap and use ribbons and bows to further dress things up.
  • Always work on a hard, flat surface, as working on the floor or a soft surface makes it more difficult to control wrapping paper and you’re more likely to tear the paper.
  • Use a gift box or cardboard to create a firm container to wrap soft gifts.
  • Reuse old boxes to create a greeting card. Use a piece of ribbon and a bow and your newly created card as a thank-you or gift tag for future gifts. This is a great way to recycle during a season when excess is common.