Gilbert right about charter


Recently, I watched Larry Gilbert speak on television at the Lewiston City Council meeting about the city charter. I believe he is right in asking the city council to delay making appointments until a new mayor is elected Feb. 27. The city won’t fall apart until then.

The charter gives the mayor the sole power to make all appointments. There is no reason to violate the charter by not waiting for the new mayor to make appointments.

Just as in court cases, there are lawyers for both sides. The lawyers have their opinions about interpreting the law. A judge or a jury decides which interpretation is correct.

Although Gilbert is not a lawyer, he has been in law enforcement, working his way up from patrolman to chief of police and then U.S. marshal. He has college degrees from the University of Maine at Augusta and graduated from the FBI Academy. He can very well interpret the law.

In this case, I agree with his interpretation that the city council should wait to have the new mayor make the next appointments to boards, commissions and committees.

I have known Gilbert for nearly 40 years, since he first joined the Lewiston Police Department. He is one of the most fair, honest, and hardworking persons I have known. I trained him as a rookie, as a detective, and, upon my retirement, he eventually replaced me as captain of detectives.

I believe his opinion has value, as he is most trustworthy.

Robert A. Soucy, Lewiston