Don’t give up, Guv


I could not believe how rude and arrogant some school superintendents acted at Gov. John Baldacci’s forum at Lewiston Middle School on Jan. 24. With approximately 200 people in attendance, and many people wanting to ask questions or give comments to the governor, some superintendents felt it was their forum to take over. Some took as long as 20 minutes or more to ask their questions and give their comments.

Did they not care that other people were waiting patiently to speak? I understand that they are fighting for their livelihood, but the truth is that we absolutely have to consolidate aggressively.

We have all been through consolidations and have gone on to other jobs, some of us several times, but most of us have moved on and done well. They can, too.

I hope Gov. Baldacci doesn’t give up on this plan. It’s a good one.

Jeanne Martin, Lewiston