Give them what they need


Med-Care should not be considered a liability to our community when, in all actuality, it is a very valuable asset. Service provided by this organization is of the highest quality that must be maintained for the sake of the citizens of all member towns. I have learned that it takes professional people to accomplish that with the proper equipment, training and a standard for working and living space.

The existing building doesn’t allow for that.

Response time is a major factor when someone is sick or injured. When we call on the service, we expect the highest level of cleanliness of equipment and well-groomed and professional people to do the job.

On Easter Sunday, I saw some of the most dedicated people show professional service on a day when most people in the area were eating Easter dinner.

They need a building to support their mission; one that they have room in which to train and work in safety; and living quarters that create a safe environment so they can give all the towns the service they deserve.

The cost of a new building is very minimal to an individual household. People would be surprised at how small the amount per household would be.

Ask and you will be surprised at how small this amount is per household.

I did, and I thank them for the service and professionalism and quality service.

Now, let’s give them what they need to do their jobs.

Peter Merrill, Mexico