Give taxpayers a break


I am not anti-education, but I have come up with some numbers for the public to view and draw their own conclusions.

From the governor’s proposal for $30,000 for new teachers and up to $50,000 for experienced teachers, the figures for working 175 days for eight hours, look like this:

A $30,000 salary equals about $172 a day, about $22 per hour; $35,000 equals $200 a day, $25 per hour; $40,000 equals $229 a day, $29 per hour; $45,000 equals $257 a day, $32 per hour; and $50,000 equals $285 per day, $36 per hour.

A decade ago, the budget was $28 million. Now, with increases of $1.3 million a year, we’re dealing with a $41 million budget. The graduating class in 1948 numbered 232, supervised by one principal. Today, graduating classes average 270, with a principal plus two or three assistant principals.

Our six-figure superintendent received an unexpected $2 million or so recently, which, by the way, was originally intended to be returned to the taxpayers. Now, part of it will be used to hire six new teachers so the influx of people can learn English.

With retirement, seniors receive a substantial cut in pay, but still have to deal with astronomical prices for their needs.

I’d like to see our city leaders give taxpayers a break. Cut the percentage of money that comes out of the property tax for education in half. Seniors have paid their dues.

Louis Godin, Lewiston