Give it some thought


Thank God there are some people on the Auburn City Council who still know that there are poor people who live and still pay taxes to the city.

I cannot believe the School Committee and Superintendent Tom Morrill want to give iPads to all kindergarten pupils. I honestly think that members of the School Committee should resign and give some other people a chance to run the school system and get costs under control.

If the superintendent can’t think about keeping tax money under control, then he should go, too.

And the councilor in Ward 2 (Bob Hayes) is a councilor in the city of Auburn, not Lewiston. During almost every meeting, he will ask what is Lewiston doing about this or that. He is a councilor for Auburn, not Lewiston.

I believe that kindergarten pupils would like to have a box of color crayons and a coloring book, and learn to stay between the lines and learn something.

Reggie Emery Sr., Auburn