Does God need our protection?


With all due respect to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maine, I find the reaction to the alleged situation at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center and other institutions of the Sisters of Charity a little “over the top.”

It seems, at best, presumptuous to think that God needs our protection. Jesus himself, seems to have been “relaxed” enough about the Eucharist – the gift of himself – to have allowed even his supposed betrayer, Judas, to partake, as well as the majority of his disciples who fled when he was arrested, condemned and crucified.

I have often wondered about the locked tabernacle. Who is being locked in and who is being locked out? Do we really believe that God can be kept under lock and key by any religious institution?

The Hebrew and Christian scriptures would seem to indicate otherwise.

In fact, the one group that God seems to be most critical and wary of are the religious leaders.

Lee Andrews, Providence, R.I.