Golden Globe? Maybe next time


You’re 11 years old, one of the stars of a new hit TV show, and you’re headed to the illustrious Golden Globe Awards. You’re most concerned about:

A) What you’ll wear.

B) Who you’ll meet.

C) How many cool spy toys you can stuff in your mom’s new formal handbag.

If you’re Newry native Noah Gray-Cabey, the answer is obvious.

“I was taking out, like, invisible ink and black lights and stuff,” he said from his home in California. “It was so much fun.”

Noah, who plays Micah Sanders on the NBC hit “Heroes,” was one of the youngest actors at the live awards show Monday night. “Heroes” was up for Best TV Drama.

With his mom, Whitney Gray, by his side, Noah walked the same red carpet as super star Jack Nicholson, director Steven Spielberg and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I think I had the most gorgeous date,” said Noah, whose mother wore “a purple dress with crisscrossy stuff on it.”

Noah was 5 years-old, a piano prodigy, when local attention began to garner him national attention. An “Oprah Winfrey Show” interview led to a part on the half-hour comedy “My Wife and Kids,” which led to roles in various TV shows and one movie.

On “Heroes,” he plays a brilliant, soulful boy whose parents have extraordinary abilities. At times, he appears to have a power of his own.

Because the Beverly Hills venue was so small and the “Heroes” cast so large, only some of the “Heroes” actors stayed in the main hall. Noah and his mother sat in a room nearby.

While the ceremony showed on a live feed, Noah played 20 Questions with the younger brother of his co-star, Hayden Panettiere. He ate dessert and used his Spy Gear binoculars to get a close-up look at some Cartier jewels on display.

“I was just inspecting them,” he said with a chuckle. “Making sure everything was in order,”

To Noah’s disappointment, they watched his “Heroes” co-star Masi Oka lose the Best Supporting Actor award to Jeremy Irons.

They also watched “Heroes” lose the Best TV Drama award to “Grey’s Anatomy,” Maine-native Patrick Dempsey’s show. But for that, Noah wasn’t surprised. Or upset.

“Grey’s Anatomy is so popular,” he said.

Noah celebrated the night with his family anyway. After the awards, they got Mexican takeout and watched a Harry Potter movie.

Besides, Noah figured, “Heroes” got its moment to shine last week. It won the Peoples’ Choice Award for Best New TV Drama.

Every cast member went on stage to accept the award. Including Noah.

“That was so cool. It was pretty exciting,” he said.

Noah is done with awards shows for a little while. Homeschooled, he’ll have a couple of weeks to concentrate on lessons. He’ll play around with his newest interest, the saxophone, and his older interest, magic tricks. He resumes shooting for “Heroes” in February.

Then, in March, he goes to the NAACP Image Awards. “Heroes” is up for Outstanding Drama.

“I think I’m going to bring magic instead of Spy Gear,” he said.