Doing some good


I am writing in reference to the Rev. Douglas Taylor, pastor of The Jesus Party.

I hear a lot of negativity about his ministry, but what about the “good” that he and his wife, Sister Sonia, do for Jesus? Brother Taylor takes time out of his busy schedule to visit the homes of his little parishioners and their families, each week.

I recently had the privilege of visiting The Jesus Party during its 15th anniversary. I could really feel the spirit of God in that place.

The Rev. Taylor showed a powerful movie about two young people who grew up in the inner city and lived very hard lives. He tells the children the way it is. He doesn’t cut corners, because children who live in a corrupt society, such as today, need to be warned of the dangers out there.

Pastor and Sister Taylor pray with the children, as well. A lot of children now go to church and play with toys, but at The Jesus Party, they get what they need from the lord, Jesus Christ.

The Taylors and staff also provide nice snacks each week for the children.

Now, if a person doesn’t like Brother Taylor burning books publicly, just read Acts 19:19 and see that it’s biblical.

And if you don’t think Jesus was aggressive, read Mathew 21:12, where Jesus went into the temple with a whip and knocked over tables.

Thank God for the sacrifice the Taylors have made.

Lisa Rideout, Auburn