A good deed in Paris


I would like to draw attention to and give public recognition to the recent act of kindness I observed on Tremont Street this past week.

A woman was walking with her two very young grandchildren when she accidentally dropped her keys into the storm drain. She thought she’d never see them again … keys to car, house, mail, etc.

Two town employees were mowing at the nearby Timothy L. Willard Memorial Field and came over to help.

It took both men to lift the drain cover. All that was visible was murky, drain water in the deep, dark hole. What to do?

Without any hesitation, one man layed down on his stomach, reached down into the drain, almost tipping on his head, and retrieved the set of keys.

His name is Leo. That was an act “above and beyond.” We can all be thankful in our town for folks like Leo.

Wini Mott, Paris