We’re the good guys


On Feb. 25, there was an Associated Press article in the Sun Journal stating that the Maine Legislature was considering a new bill to override the new federal law permitting citizens to carry firearms into national parks.

In that article, State Sen. Stan Gerzofsky, D-Brunswick, was quoted as saying there are families in the state who want to “pack bazookas” into the national parks.

I’m not sure how much more misguided Gerzofsky could be.

There are currently 48 states in this country that allow some form of concealed carry of firearms. The folks who hold those permits have all been fingerprinted, have had both criminal and mental background checks performed, and have shown firearms proficiency. These are the state-certified good guys.

The bill the state is considering is about law-abiding citizens and their ability to protect themselves.

If, as a concealed carry permit holder, this state has deemed me to be not a threat to public safety on the streets of Bar Harbor, then why should I be considered a threat after I cross the gate into Acadia National Park?

Gerzofsky’s argument makes no sense. This bill is not about bazookas and he knows it. This bill is about the right of law-abiding citizens of this country being able to protect themselves and their families, no matter where they may be at the time.

Mark Cushman, Poland