Not a good impression


I am shocked and disappointed with the people of the town of Norway who sat idly by as Aaron Fuda and his gang of degenerates marched boldly down the center of Main Street during the town’s Summer Festival.

There were grown men and women, including grandfathers and grandmothers, cheering and applauding as Fuda’s group held high a giant, inflated phallus and pulled a huge marijuana joint in a wagon for all to see. I found this “parade” offensive.

How dare Fuda and his gang inflict upon our children and grandchildren, who were standing in the crowd as well, this disgusting and lewd behavior. And now the festival committee would like to invite these “creative, peaceful individuals” as they called them, to repeat their performance next festival.

What a wonderful impression that must have made on the visitors vacationing in our town. Why would anyone consider returning next year with children knowing that will happen again?

People of Norway should take notice. Once the children and grandchildren have been exposed to promiscuous sex, drugs and alcohol, it will be too late to ask, “How did this happen to our children?” or, “Why did we not see it coming?”

Well, the people did see it coming, right down Main Street, and so many just thought it was amusing.

Maria Whitney, Norway