Good job, and an invitation


Recently, I attended the Lewiston High School pop concert — what a wonderful concert that was. I congratulate the directors, Rebecca Poppke and Tim Eberwold, and all the young performers for the excellent music and singing, although there should have been more people in attendance to show their support of these young people.

Next, I attended the Silver Medals presentation ceremony at the armory. The medals were presented by Brig. Gen. John Libby to all prisoners of war and those who have a Purple Heart and were within the area. The event was organized by Peter Ogden of the Veterans Administration and Paul Bernard, chairman of the L-A Veterans Council. I offer thanks to both of them and their committee for the special ceremony. But where were all of our citizens and veterans to honor these individuals?

I’m hoping that more citizens, veterans and military personnel will participate or attend the Memorial Day parade and ceremony in Lewiston and Auburn on May 29, and that people will pay respect to and honor all those who gave their lives to protect this country (you can always do your shopping following the ceremony).

Bert Dutil, Lewiston