GOP doesn’t have ideas


The letter from Thomas Shields (Jan. 6) exemplifies why Republicans were trounced this past November; they don’t recognize Iraq for the quagmire it is, and they don’t have any ideas about the health care crisis faced by Americans.

We were attacked on 9/11 by al-Qaida, a terrorist group that had no connection to Iraq. Since the president chose to invade Iraq, al-Qaida has regrouped and strengthened, while we remain stuck in Iraq. There is no historical parallel to our actions, because never before have we suffered under such misguided and consistently wrong leadership. It’s unclear why the continued sacrifice of our troops and resources in Iraq is worthwhile, since our occupation of Iraq makes as much sense militarily as if we had attacked Brazil after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Health care reform consistently ranks among Americans’ most important concerns, yet Shields’ solution involves using insurance companies to address this crisis – even though they are the cause of the crisis. For-profit insurance is simply incompatible with universal health care. What do the Republicans propose to remedy the numbers of underinsured? More of the same free market theories that, nationally, have resulted in more than 40 million Americans having no health insurance.

When Republicans can’t even identify the important issues that must be addressed by the government, how can they be expected to offer plausible solutions? It is this lack of understanding about what is important to the country that got them tossed out last November.

Dave Chirayath, Auburn