GOP tax proposal a bad deal


Congressional Republicans just won’t quit trying to further enrich millionaire Americans and huge corporations. Their goal is a reverse Robin Hood: take from the poor and middle class and give to the rich.

They have created a disastrous “tax cut” bill that would, in the long run, raise taxes on working people and seniors, while President Trump, his family and other billionaires, would get a huge tax cut. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Republican plan would add $1.7 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years. Republicans claim that cutting taxes on big business will stimulate the economy, an idea that has been debunked, neglecting to mention that huge corporations often pay low or no taxes at all due to tax breaks, loopholes and hiding profits overseas.

Not satisfied with damaging the economy (whatever happened to good new jobs and infrastructure spending?), they have added back-door language to the tax bill to cut abortion rights and to destroy the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) — the insurance plan that has been a lifesaver for millions of families. The tax bill would also create automatic yearly $25 billion cuts to Medicare.

These politicians think the American people are uninformed and won’t notice their sneaky “behind closed-door” schemes.


I wish that more voters would realize that the current Republicans in Congress and President Trump have never cared about ordinary, middle-class working people and never will.

People should ignore what they say and pay attention to what they actually do.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

  • Rene Veilleux

    Thank you Ellen for cutting through the propaganda and getting to the reality of this Tax Cut for the Rich. Those who want to bury themselves in the echo chamber of Fox & Breitbart News , Limbaugh, Hannity and Ingram will not get the opportunity to realize they are being hoodwinked into supporting this catastrophe that is absolutely against their self interests.
    Trump has falsely claimed that he will not personally gain from the cut, but when his last tax filing available for 2005 is studied, we see that he manages only a measly savings of 22 Million dollars. His heirs stand to gain a paltry 1.1 Billion dollars. Yes, that’s a B as in Billion. The giant corporations and their owners are looking for a return on their investments in the Republican Party and are chomping at the bit for their Payback. Adelson would reap a staggering 14.5 BILLION dollars if this cut passes and many other donors would reap Billions!
    In contrast, real middle class families would see some increases. By 2027 over 50% of middle class taxpayers would see some sort on increase. The corporate tax cuts are permanent, the middle class cuts disappear in 7 years.
    This is the truth of the bill that Republicans on the Hill are celebrating. Merry Christmas!

  • FrankE

    Ellen, you are correct in that many US voters are whoa-fully uninformed. They base their decisions on their gut feelings while never once reading the fine print behind of these bills. Notice the House Republicans have all but shut up about the Obama Care cuts that they added to the bill. The only way to get what they want with the Affordable Care Act, and deny millions of poorer Americans access to health insurance is disguise it, hide it, bury it so deep that only those who pay attention and follow their criminal ways will be aware of their misguided deeds.
    Unfortunately if folks haven’t seen Trumps criminal background leading up to becoming president, than it’s to late. All we can hope for is the special Investigator finding enough dirt on the Trump Administration to not only impeach Trump but put him in jail for a long time. Maybe then these people will finally see he’s not a breath of fresh air who tells it like it is…………..

  • Marc A. Jalbert

    What I am having a problem with is that the democrats are only standing by and complaining about what the republicans are presenting for tax reform. Why are we not hearing about a better plan from them, period.

    • Rene Veilleux

      With Republicans in control of both Houses, where would a Democratic plan go????I have heard of several suggestions to the tax code made by Sherrod Brown of Ohio and a few by other Senators, but they have all fallen on deaf ears.

  • Paul R. Spencer

    In the United States approximately 3% of the populations are
    millionaires. In the Senate and Congress
    well over 40% are millionaires, pretty evenly split between Republicans and
    Democrats. So when we are speaking about
    the terrible 1% are we speaking about corporate America that creates jobs and
    employs the upper, middle and lower class, that want to work, or are we talking
    about the 3% that are primarily Hollywood and sports personalities or are we
    speaking about the swamp that is our elected Washington politicians? Let’s take a look at Maine. Olympia Snow retired as one of the richest
    women in Maine who will be followed closely by Susan Collin’s. Where did that wealth come from certainly not
    the government salary? Then there is
    Angus King who was wealthy to begin with but you can never have enough
    money. No company could have gotten
    permitted for the windmill project but Angus, through the good old boy network
    got all of the permitting and licensing in his own name as owner of the project
    then sold it prior to completion to the company that wanted the project and had
    enough money to buy him off. Seriously
    how much do you believe the swamp in Washington is looking out for its
    constituents and not for their own selfish greed for power and money? The only
    thing the people in the swamp care about their constituents is for their
    reelection. On which they spend millions
    to get your vote starting the day after the last election to the next
    election. The constituents have
    absolutely no input or say regarding anything it is all bought and paid for by
    lobbyists (Snow’s husband being one) and special interests with the money to
    buy our politicians off and get what they want.
    If something is being opposed or recommended it is in the best interest
    of lobbyists and special interests and their vast network of propaganda outlets
    to get you the American public to accept or oppose their position whichever
    benefits their agenda. And like sheep,
    we the constituents follow.