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Appointing constables

Issue: Only official city constables can deliver some subpoenas, according to police Chief Crowell. Each officer is considered a constable, but the city relies on a cadre of appointed, unarmed citizens acting as special constables to do most of that work.

The scoop: Councilors reappointed four unarmed police constables Tuesday: Lucien Asselin, Steven Chouinard, Harry Darling and Harry Gorman.

Board: Auburn City Council

Met: Tuesday night

Easier tattoo licenses mulled

Issue: A felon can’t get a tattoo license in Auburn, but councilors may ease that restriction. Under a plan presented by police Chief Phil Crowell, convicted felons could get tattoo licenses if they have not been arrested for serious crime in the past five years. It’s not designed to help any single business, he said, but will reward people trying to make up for past mistakes.

The scoop: Councilors agreed it’s worth considering.

Up next: Crowell said he’d work to prepare new language for the tattoo licensing ordinances in time for the council’s Jan. 16 meeting.

Badge pinning

Issue: Police Chief Phil Crowell started a new tradition Tuesday, hoping to bring attention to police officers and give them more pride in their jobs. In a short ceremony at the beginning of the council meeting, Crowell introduced three officers, saluted them, pinned their badges to their chests and swore them in.

The scoop: The three officers were patrol officer Matthew Elie, who was hired in August; Detective Jason Moore, who was promoted from patrol officer in December; and deputy Chief Jason Moen, who was promoted from lieutenant in December.

Liquor licenses

Issue: Local restaurants and bars must reapply for liquor licenses and amusement permits each year. Liquor licenses let them serve alcohol; amusement permits allow them to play music, have a DJ or karaoke, or have games on site.

The scoop: Councilors approved new licenses and permits for two establishments: Uncle Troy’s, at 34 Court St.; and TGI Friday’s, at 649 Turner St.

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