Government at a Glance


What: Durham selectman


Scoop: Local Emergency Management Director Deborah Larrabee reported that paperwork documenting $29,511 in damage caused by the April rains has been submitted to FEMA. The breakdown for the reimbursement is 75 percent federal, 15 percent state, and 10 percent local. Reimbursement is expected by the end of the month.

Issue: Local road paving contracts are normally awarded in July for work to begin the first week of August.

Scoop: Harry Crooker and Sons has been awarded the 2007 paving contract on a low bid of $51.25 per ton for binder and $52 per ton for surface. Also bidding was Pike Industries, at $51.35 and $52.25, respectively.

Scoop: The Bandstand Committee has been seeking bids to continue work upgrading the town structure at Southwest Bend. Much work has been completed, but the roof still needs to be replaced.


Up next: Based on a recommendation of the Bandstand Committee, selectmen awarded the contract for the new roof to K & K Carpentry on its bid of $3,900. This will consist of white cedar shingles, to be applied raw-side down with a red stain to be applied to the exterior. It was voted to pay one half the cost, $1,950 upfront, as requested by the contractor, and the remainder when the roof is completed and approved by the committee, selectmen and code enforcement officer.

Scoop: Beaulieu Construction was awarded the contract to complete work on the Durham Eureka Community Center on its bid of $13,216.50, and it was agreed to pay one third down, $4,405.50, as requested when work begins.

Scoop: After researching financing options, selectmen have voted to borrow $130,000 to purchase a new ambulance as approved by town meeting. The loan from Bath Savings Institution is at 4.49 percent interest. The custom ambulance is expected to be delivered Aug. 15.

– Connie Footman