Government at a Glance


Walking trails

Issue: Bids for the second year’s work on the town’s three-mile walking trail.

Scoop: Town Administrator Rhonda Irish told selectmen that eight companies attended a prebid meeting on the planned 2,000-foot extension. This section will connect the town office complex with the old ball fields. The first year’s 2,300-foot segment that links the town office and the Minot Consolidated School is complete.

Up next: Bids for this year’s work are due July 11 and will be reviewed by selectmen at their July 16 meeting.

Storm damage

Issue: State and federal reimbursement for damage caused by the Patriot’s Day storm April 16.


Scoop: Road Manager Arlan Saunders reported that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has set the final figure for damage at $54,965. With reimbursement from federal and state agencies set at 75 and 15 percent, respectively, the town will receive almost $50,000.

Verrill homestead

Issue: Whether developers of Summit Drive, which serves the Verrill Homestead subdivision, will blast ledge they encountered or raise 1,100 feet of road bed about 2 feet to avoid blasting costs.

Scoop: Two weeks ago selectmen ruled that the road bed could be raised without violating the intent of the original road design as approved by the Planning Board. At the time, concern was expressed that selectmen might be overstepping their authority. Whatever the validity of the concern, Saunders told selectmen that it appears the developers will be blasting the ledge after all.