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Sabattus Board of Selectmen

Met: Tuesday

More revaluation concerns

Issue: Resident Phil Webber complained to board members that even though the appraised value of his 20-year-old mobile home has dropped by $2,300 according to Vision Appraisal, the company performing the town’s revaluation, that amount is still more than three times what he would receive by selling it.

Up next: Board members advised Webber to see Donna Hayes, the town’s tax appraiser, for help.

Light not an option

The scoop: Resident Donald Saucier earlier had requested a streetlight be installed at Elm Street and Hillside Estates Drive near the Greene town line, where the U.S. Postal Service had placed a new bank of mailboxes. Selectman Gino Camardese visited the area and determined the area is private property, which means the board could not make any changes.

Truck repair or fuel oil?

Issue: Stuck between paying for an expensive delivery of fuel oil and a costly repair to one of his firetrucks, fire Chief Robert Scott proposed splitting payment for the repair components over two fiscal years. But board members worried that auditors would question the practice. Instead, the board recommended paying first for the truck repair and waiting until July 1, the start of the new budget year, to pay for the oil delivery.

More expensive steel

Issue: Selectmen two weeks ago approved $8,110 to buy two new 40-cubic-yard open-top steel containers for the Transfer Station. However, station manager Jerry Sabins informed the board Tuesday that the price of steel used to make the containers has gone up, and that the new price would be $9,200. Board members approved the additional expense of $1,090.

New computers needed

Issue: Board members approved $800 for police Chief Thomas Fales to buy a new laptop computer, which will replace his, which crashed. Money will come out of his department’s computer account.

Up next: Two countertop computers at town hall for the public are slowing down, which likely is the result of a failing server, and Road Foreman John Hyde requested an additional computer for his office. Town Manager Gregory Gill will look into finding a potential package deal to replace the old equipment.

Revised shelter contract

The scoop: Board members approved a revised a contract with the Greater Androscoggin County Humane Society to provide shelter for the town’s animal control department. The contract was agreed to several weeks ago, but it was subsequently canceled pending revisions to the agreement. However, selectmen said the changes turned out to be minor and did not affect the price of the contract.

Budget petition

Issue: Town resident Mara Duncan was scheduled to present a petition for reconsideration of budget items initially decided during the annual town meeting in May, including school expenses, to board members during Tuesday’s meeting. Duncan first introduced the petition in early June; however, after failing to amass enough signatures to force a subsequent vote, she informed selectmen that she would withdraw the petition.

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