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Board: Lewiston City Council Met: Tuesday night

Rules for downtown parking

Issue: New businesses downtown need more parking for customers.

The scoop: Councilors approved opening 23 parking spaces along Lincoln Street near the southwestern corner of Mill No. 5 for free, unmetered parking. They also set a two-hour restriction on parking at the Empire Theater lot along Main Street, a one-hour restriction for parking along Railroad Park, set a $60 monthly fee for parking behind the District Courthouse, and created parking permits for the Centreville Garage, the lot near the Bates Mill along Cedar Street and the lot at Cedar and Lincoln streets.

Lewiston PD gets drug bust money

Issue: The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency shares the proceeds of money from drug busts with the other police agencies involved. In Lewiston’s case, that money is put into a special account to help pay for drug enforcement actions.

The scoop: Councilors Tuesday accepted proceeds from three drug arrests last year. The money amounts to portions of about $30,000 in the sale of two vehicles and an administrative fee.

Confirming the vote

Issue: Councilors need to sign off on the official ballot before voters go to the polls. It’s a formality required before any election.

The scoop: Voters will go to the polls on Feb. 27 to select a new mayor and decide if the city can borrow $21 million to build a new Pettingill School.

Up next: Don’t forget to go to the polls at the Lewiston Multi-Purpose Center. That’s the only polling place for all city voters. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Liquor licenses

Issue: Local restaurants and bars must reapply for liquor licenses and amusement permits each year. Liquor licenses let them serve alcohol; amusement permits let them play music, have a DJ or karaoke, or have games on site.

The scoop: Councilors approved amusement permits for “That’s a Wrap Deli and Pub” at 30 Lowell St., and the Lewiston Elks Lodge at 1675 Lisbon Street.

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