Government at a glance


Government at a Glance

Board: Minot selectmen

Met: Monday

School Payment

The Scoop: Selectmen authorized payment of a bill for $56,000 RSU 16 said the town owed as a settlement of accounts for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009, when the Minot School Department ceased to exist with its merger into RSU 16 along with the bill for an additional $20,000 that the town of Poland said Minot owed as its share of costs involved in setting up the RSU. Selectmen had withheld payment of the bills pending a determination by the town’s auditors that the amount owed was correct, that the money was in the town’s fund balance and that selectmen had the authority to spend the money. At a meeting two weeks ago selectmen received the desired assurances from the auditor.

Ball field equipment


The Scoop: Selectmen received communication from the Minot Hebron Athletic Association asking them if they had money to purchase certain pieces of equipment — home plate, bases, and the pitcher rubber — for the town’s new ball field. Selectmen noted that at this point their only involvement was to make sure the highway department maintained the fields and referred the matter to the recreation committee.

Up Next: The Recreation committee will figure out if it has money for the equipment needed.

Road priorities

The Scoop: Selectmen were asked by Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments to identify and prioritize roads which the MDOT is obligated to maintain that need work done. Consulting with town administrator and road commissioner Arlan Saunders, selectmen agreed that Route 119 was the town’s first priority and Center Minot Hill Road, the second priority to be rebuilt and paved by MDOT. 


The Scoop: Selectmen appointed Matthew Callahan, Emily Tuttle and Tim Wordon to serve three-year terms on the Town Budget Committee with Regina Moulton to serve as an alternate. Selectmen also appointed Cathleen McAnneny to a three-year term on the Planning Board and James Brown and Candace Gilpatric to three-year terms as Planning Board alternates.

By Winslow Durgin