“Grab the Space, Kids!”


LEWISTON – Next month, fourth-graders at Martel Elementary School will reap the benefits of a three-day artist residency, courtesy of L/A Arts. Working with students will be actor/storyteller/musician Michael Parent, a Lewiston native who has more than 25 years of experience as a performer and workshop leader.

Parent is known for easily engaging children in the creative process. This residency – which he calls “Grab the Space, Kids!”- will focus on communication skills and helping students present themselves in front of a group. Through the use of exercises and “challenges,” ranging from the very simple to mildly difficult, students will get a sense of how to get their message across to their audience.

L/A Arts has enjoyed a good working relationship with Parent for many years. Besides educational residency work, he helped create “Chantons,” a bi-lingual children’s CD produced by L/A Arts. He directed “Love in Cactus Village,” a play written by Omar Ahmed based on a Somali tale and produced by L/A Arts. He was also a key character in “Frog Stuck in the Ice,” another play produced by L/A Arts focusing on Franco-American Heritage.

For more information about Parent, go online to www.michaelparent.com.