Grange presents award to Councilor Rowell


AUBURN – Donna Rowell, representative to the City Council from Ward 4, was recently presented the Community Citizen Award by Danville Junction Grange at its annual open house. Rowell spoke briefly about current issues in Auburn.

The Appreciation Award was presented to Ed MacDonald for his efforts in assisting the grange and community.

Membership certificates were awarded by State Master Steven Verrill to the following members: Leo Gousse, 70 years; Bill Hatch, 60 years; Tom Bennett, 50 years; and Robert Hatch, 25 years. A 60-year certificate will be taken to Lorraine Additon, who was unable to attend.

A dessert was served prior to the program with more than 50 people in attendance. Musical numbers were rendered by Cindy Morin of Androscoggin Grange in Greene and Caroline Young of Danville Junction Grange. A skit, readings, a silver march and music were included in the program.