What’s Your Gripe?


Four of us attended a concert at the Colisee. People were smoking cigarettes in there during the concert. My son’s friend has asthma and he was having a difficult time. It got so bad we left the concert early. Yet again, smokers are selfish and do what they want with no regard to the law or anyone else.

— Anonymous

My gripe is when I go to the recycling center in Lewiston and see books, in good condition, in the recycling bins. As an intellectual and avid book collector, this greatly upsets me. There are many places that books in good condition could go (i.e., Goodwill, Salvation Army, my house) but to throw them away just to be recycled with all the other common paper is just sad to see. If you want to get rid of any books, please contact me and I will make sure they get a good home. My email address is [email protected] Thank You.

— Brian

My gripe is when the stores complain that they didn’t make a profit compared to the year before. I’d say they made a profit and to thank God for that blessing.

— No name please

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