What’s Your Gripe?


People who own dogs know full well that dogs like to bark. Some tie them outside their house and they let them bark all day, while the owners are gone to work. It’s one thing if someone comes into the yard that a dog barks. However, dog owners should take responsibility for their dog and train them not to bark.

— Anonymous

Driving a car with a large or small dog on the driver’s lap could get the driver a ticket for incautious and imprudent driving. Even worse would be a small child sitting on the driver’s lap. Wake up people.

— Anonymous

My gripe is going grocery shopping early in the morning to beat the crowds with nearly every parking space empty. Why does a driver have to come zooming into the parking space next to me, practically taking my door off, while I am trying to get groceries in my car or my young daughter into her car seat, or giving me the evil eye and waiting because they want that space when there are hundreds of other open spaces?

— Anonymous

My gripe is those stupid motorized bicycles! Now instead of worrying about being hit by a regular bicycle on the sidewalk going about 20 mph, now I have to dodge motorized bicycles going about 40 mph! Oh yeah, the sidewalk is NOT a parking spot either! AHH, I feel better now.

— The Postman

What is wrong here? I am a citizen of Lewiston and when I call my local city hall, the person who answers the phone does not speak English! This is absolutely ridiculous!

— Disgusted in Lewiston

My gripe is that people on food stamps (ebt or SNAP) can get $300 worth of lobster or M&Ms or T-bones or soda if that’s what their monthly allotment is. They can buy expensive birthday cakes and veggie platters, too. As long as it’s uncooked and edible it’s OK.

— Anonymous

I for one am sick of the TV stations using my TV screen to advertise other programs. I’m trying to watch a show and there are people marching across the bottom of my screen or all kinds of writing which takes my mind off my program. When companies advertise on TV they have to pay a pretty penny. Do we get reimbursed? No way. And I pay a monthly fee to watch TV!

— Fed up in Farmington

Is there something that really irks you? Something about your job, your family or the stuff you have to deal with every day? Share it. E-mail your peeves to [email protected] or mail them to Sun Journal, attn: b section, P.O. Box 4400, Lewiston, ME 04240, and we’ll print them here. Please keep your gripe to under 60 words.