What’s your gripe?


I totally agree with “anonymous” a few weeks ago who is fed up with drivers who turn on their “running lights” … It should be illegal. It’s like having two sets of headlights coming at you; it’s brighter than when someone has their hi-beams on. It’s the rule that you have to turn off the hi-beams when approaching an oncoming vehicle … the same should apply to those drivers who insist on keeping those “running lights” on.

— Anonymous2

My gripe is people who write into this column complaining about things they don’t understand. A lot of people have criticized Food Stamps. There are people who are on food stamps in Maine that are responsible with the help from the state. Like members of any group, there are those who abuse what they are given, but most of the people, like my family, do not wish to be on food stamps forever. Those who abuse the system give all the others a bad reputation. It is illogical to treat all those in a common group as having the same characteristics. 

— Anonymous

It really, really irks me that so many web sites are not dated — consequently, I don’t know if the information is current or not. This can be an important factor in what I am researching. 
— lds

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