What’s your gripe?


My gripe is people who cough into their hands. Common sense should tell them, that only works if you wash your hands immediately. I have a real problem with customers who cough into their hands and then handle products that I might purchase. And even worse are cashiers who cough into their hands and then handle my purchases. Cough into your elbow people!

— Anonymous

My gripe is the plan to reduce plowing to trim an overgrown budget. It’s not just schoolchildren who won’t be able to get out. Reducing plowing endangers lives and threatens jobs in an unstable economy, where being snowed in and late will most likely go hand-in-hand with being let go. Don’t forget the emergencies, ER trips and third-shifters. We can’t just sit inside at home when it snows. 

— Anonymous

Cars illegally stopping at crosswalks, making it inconvenient and dangerous for pedestrians. 

— Anonymous

My gripe is these restaurants and chain burger places that play loud music where either a female or male singer screams. This is not nice soft music for people to listen to like instrumental background music. This screaming should be reserved for concerts. Large department stores also have this screaming music. Also, parents who do not control their kids, and the kids fight and yell. Parents can’t hear them?

Is there something that really irks you? Something about your job, your family or the stuff you have to deal with every day? Share it. E-mail your peeves to [email protected] or mail them to Sun Journal, attn: b section, P.O. Box 4400, Lewiston, ME 04240, and we’ll print them here. Please keep your gripe to under 60 words.