A growing problem


Gangs are a growing problem in Maine. People are coming up from New York to recruit young members into their gangs. They do this because young children cannot go to jail. This makes them valuable to gangs because they can do things, such as distribute drugs, without getting in trouble with police.

I am against gangs in Maine because they are a threat to themselves and others.

Information from Do Something and Saint Paul’s public schools states that members of gangs are 60 times more likely to be killed than people who are not part of a gang and, once someone is in a gang, it is dangerous and difficult to leave.

The Web sites also said that gangs are the main drug distributors in the U.S., and there are violent street gangs in 94 percent of the medium and large cities in America. Even Maine probably has a big number of drug dealers because of gangs.

If we can stop some of the gangs, we can stop a big majority of drug distribution.

I think that parents can lower the number of gang members being recruited by giving their children more attention so that they won’t feel the need to join a gang. Gangs give children the feeling of being a family, but if kids already know that they have a family that cares about them, there wouldn’t be as many reasons to join a gang.

The subject of gangs is a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Tynan Collins, Auburn