Gun ownership is not antisocial


In the Wednesday, April 21, edition of the Sun Journal a front page article publicized a counter-demonstration in response to an “open carry” demonstration planned for 2 p.m. this Sunday in Portland. A Portland councilor, Dan Skolnik said: “We’re not going to normalize antisocial behavior.”

Thank you, Dan, for independently abrogating the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and calling practitioners of what is the basic law of this country “antisocial.”

While I do not feel that citizens are somehow remiss if they do not openly carry a sidearm, it is their legal right to do so. To attack them for practicing these legal rights is hardly the appropriate attitude for an elected official who is supposed to properly represent his constituents.

It would, in addition, be a good idea for Mr. Skolnik to remember that The District of Columbia had, until recently, the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. They also had the highest firearms death rate in the nation, almost six times that of Maine (F.B.I. statistics).

G. Ernest Lynch III, Temple