Gypsy Lew staging ‘Abundance’ at Guthries


Friday and Saturday, Aug. 28 and 29, Guthries Independent Theater will host the GypsyLew Theater Company’s production of “Abundance” by Beth Henley. “From the Pulitzer Prize winning author of “Crimes of the Heart” comes this poignant but unromanticized story of the hard lives of pioneers on the high plains of Wyoming in the 1860s. Macon and Bess are two mail-order brides, lured to the West by the promise of new beginnings through marriage to men they have never met. While waiting for their respective husbands-to-be, one bubbling with optimism, the other mousy and plain, the two women become instant best friends. As “Abundance” follows the two women through their friendship and adventures for the next 25 years, this Western epic unearths the dark underside of American mythology.”  — Goodreads. This from the New York Times:  ” ‘Abundance’  percolates with dark laughter … given Ms. Henley’s ability to spin the tallest of tales, “Abundance”sometimes has the tone of a rambunctious tongue-in-cheek Twain story, with echoes of Thomas Berger’s ‘Little Big Man.’ ”  Doors open at 6 p.m. at 22 Park St. in Lewiston, the show begins at 7. Admission is $12.  FMI visit or call 376-3344.