H. Gilpatrick: Pastors are involved


This is in response to Tanner Nolin’s letter (Jan. 23) and guest column by the Rev. Douglas Taylor (Jan. 15).

To say pastors are busy one day a week is far from the truth for active and community-involved congregations.

My pastor preaches at the Sunday morning service, also at the Sunday evening service with a Bible-study type of presentation. One Sunday afternoon per month he has communion with shut-ins. On Wednesday evenings, he leads the singing and arranges the testimonials of members or visitors, then leads the prayer meeting.

He officially has Mondays off, but if members need pastoral visiting, he has been seen at the hospital visiting them. He has office hours Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Fridays he visits shut-ins.

He meets with the youth pastor every Tuesday morning and then, on the second Tuesday of the month, with boards and committees. He also has other committee meetings that he attends.

We have a membership of about 300 who call upon him any time, day or night (for counseling, prayers, performing weddings, baptisms or funerals).


Most Sunday services have an average attendance of 145. The Wednesday evenings have 70-90 people attend, from age 2 months to 94 years. Sunday evening has about 40 in attendance.

He votes in elections and does research and study for each service or meeting.

As parishioners, if we follow his teachings and example, we are active members in our communities.

Hester Gilpatrick, Minot