H. Robertson: What is the difference?


I am wondering why it seems legal for a police department to send out prostitute decoys and then arrest the male who is seeking to have his needs met for services a prostitute is willing to provide? That seems like the same issue that bear hunters are up against with the baiting and/or trapping of bears as being seen as an illegal act.

On Nov. 4, Maine residents will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum that would prohibit baiting, trapping and the use of dogs to hunt bears. Maybe we need to look at the issues surrounding baiting, trapping and arresting innocent men who are being baited by the local police departments with their prostitute decoys.

To me, they seem to be the same issue — baiting and/or trapping,  men or bears.

I say, legalize prostitution, make it a safe service, and stop baiting citizens who need a little sexual pleasure now and then. The prostitute wins by providing a paid service; the male patron wins by meeting his sexual needs; and the state loses out on revenue. Is that the real issue?

I repeat: What is the difference between baiting and trapping men and baiting and trapping bears?

Herb Robertson, Livermore Falls